Drinks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £2.00

Warm Milk

Cold Milk

Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana Milkshake



We serve lunches from 12pm until 2pm... pies, quiches, tagines, soups, bourguignon, salads...

Loose Leaf Teas...£2.95

Pluckley Tea a strong, bright and refreshing black tea

Earl Grey made with the perfect mix of tea from Darjeeling & Assam

Assam a strong malty tea with spicy notes

Green Tea & Elderflower a refreshing yet delicately sweet tea

Peppermint Herbal Tea a great fresh tasting tisane

Cloud Catcher fruity assortment of kiwi, sour cherry and apple

Caramel Rooibos a delicious soft creamy caramel tasting tisane

Honeybush Chocolate Cake chocolatey aroma with sweet notes & a hint of rose

Chocolate Orange Tea delicious intense flavours of Spanish oranges & white chocolate

Strawberries & Cream Tisane sweet and summery strawberry taste

Yellow or Red Flower Burst bursts open to reveal a beautiful string of flowers over the heart of a chrysanthemum. A wonderfully delicate tasting tea served in a glass teapot for two for £10.00

Cafetiere Coffee...£2.95

Bravissimo Espresso...a deep rich taste, perfect with frothy milk

Irish Cream...smooth medium roasted coffee with flavours of Irish Cream

Italian Roast ...a strong, rich coffee with a great taste

Decaffeinated...medium roast coffee with excellent full flavour

Kentish Roast...a medium roast coffee with full rounded flavour

Handmade Rich Velvety Hot Chocolate…£3.50  

Warm milk, frothy milk, chilled milk or soya